Thursday, May 1, 2008


Romeo is a wolf who lives around Mendenhall Lake, where we normally walk Porter. Now, before Honey reads this & says "we" walk Porter, I need to qualify my statement & say that since my X-Tra Tuff boots stopped my fitting my sausage-like feet months ago & I refused to buy a new pair, I haven't been on a dog walk in quite some time. My brother Bucky & his dog Kona took over as Honey & Porter's dog walking partners, and this week, they finally met Romeo. Romeo, who for the most part just wants to play with dogs, is still a wild animal with wild animal instincts. and has killed at least one small dog.

Kona, Romeo & Porter:

Hard to believe how naturally they're playing with a wolf. Romeo really just wants to play. When Adam & Bucky made the decision it was time to leash the dogs again, Romeo whimpered & whined, and followed them along the beach for quite some time.

And PS, I'm beginning to think this baby is never coming out. Yeah, yeah, I officially have 9 days until my due date, but I'm ready & I firmly believe, so is she. I've been having mild contractions for days, and last night they came every 7 minutes from the time I went to bed until this morning when they only came inconsistently. I'm uncomfortable, the pressure on my pelvis is...I don' t even know what to say about how that feels, my back is sore, as are my hips, I lost my mucous plug yesterday & have been leaking ever since, and I don't want to spend another night of waking up writing down damn contractions every 7 minutes.