Wednesday, March 5, 2008

butter cream yellow

Fluffy butter-cream towels. I splurged on these towels when we bought our house. At the time, I didn't know exactly what color I'd be painting the bathroom (as long as it was not the dark teal-green paint that was on the walls with the maroon floral wallpaper ON THE CEILING) but I did know I wanted butter-cream towels. The rest of my bathroom is accented with bits of green (see yesterday's post) and more butter-cream yellow. This vintage napkin came in a set which I purchased at the Shoppes at Woodlawn last summer in Little Rock. They were so dainty, I couldn't resist. And this...I'm not exactly sure what it is or what it's intended purpose is except that I like it and that's all that matters. I'm sure it's a towel of sorts, but it's way to pretty to actually use. You can't much tell from the photo, but it's also a lovely shade of butter-cream yellow, and the flowers are embroidered in brown. I purchased this in Little Rock last summer, as well. The little dish, resembling a gravy boat, I found at an antique store in Seaside, Oregon. Adam & I spent a few days there summer before last and it was my favorite part of our 2+ week vacation. That trip, he was such a trooper, following me from antique store to antique store and never once complaining.

I received several of these vintage botanical prints from my step-dad. He got them from a family friend's house he was helping to clean out after they passed away. I have them scattered around the house on various shelves. At one point, I had them hung on the wall, but because they're so small, it just didn't work. They seem to lend themselves as background-art on a shelf, though.
I don't know what prompted me to search for vintage trays, but one day I did, and oh, man. This was the first of about 5 that I have, and is probably my favorite. I had to stop looking at them on e-bay because I kept finding more that I HAD to have, and certainly did not need. E-bay is dangerous. I find it best to just stay clear unless I'm looking for something very specific. At any rate, this one is on the side table next to my chair in the living room. It works well to keep a drink from toppling over because the wicker is not really conducive to that. This piece of furniture used to be fairly useless at keeping anything upright but was turned into an extremely functional side table by adding a tray.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a sea of blue & green

Well, I certainly don't have the same knack for color & composition as Miss Jerusalem, but here is my blue & green contribution to her week of color ~ a few of my favorite things....

At long last, my new coffee table. No, it's not round; I gave up on that search. This one did fit in perfectly with the overall look I've been transitioning into for the last few years, though ~ cottage, colorful, and comfortable. It was on sale in Pottery Barn, and I doubt I would have bought it had it been full price.

I purchased this darling little bathtub-soapdish from Anthropology when we bought our house. A sweet deal for $10, if I do say so myself. At one point, it used to have soap in it, but because I have a thing against bar soap (hate to use it, love pretty bars in pretty wrapping as decoration....except they get dusty & are impossible to clean, which I also hate), it is now used to hold earings & clips & things.

A couple more of my favorite bathroom items: the green tumbler I bought from See Jane Work a few years back. It came with a little dish, as well, and I think I spent about $16 for the set. And $16 for the set I also purchased in white. Really glad I bought both as they are no longer available. The hand soap was a Christmas gift from my mom. Not only does it alleviate my bar-soap issue, but the bottle is really lovely to look at. And it smells good. Fresh and not a bit overpowering. With as much time that is spent in the bathroom, I think it only fitting that it be filled with pretty things.
An assortment of my favorite green dishes. They have all come from my mom, the miniature planters (candles) from Tanya, the antique apothocary bottles from a day-trip to Tenakee Springs Honey & I took a few summers ago, and the tiny white pitcher from the Habitat for Humanity store (50 cents) last summer in Little Rock.

I have always loved daisies. There is even a photo of me at about age 4 with my face painted in daisies at the State Fair. I bought this blue hand-towel, far too pretty to actually use, in Leavenworth, Washington summer before last. Honey & I spent a little over 2 weeks traveling around Oregon & Washington (we put a lot of mileage on the rental car), and his mom & step-dad thought I would enjoy Leavenworth. I did indeed ~ besides the fact that it was August & about 112 degrees, it was a charming little town with Christmas stores open all year round, and I had a great time with my in-laws.

This "G" is one of the few items Honey brought into the relationship that has had a place of prominance in our home. He remembers it being in his house since he was in kindegarden, and isn't sure where it came from before that. It was previously painted black, but I of course had to add my cottage-blue flare. It sat in the garage for several months awaiting a second coat, which never happened. I think I had run out of paint. Some of the blue wore off showing the black underneath, but despite its imperfections (or maybe because of them) I decided it needed to be rehung. It is truly one of my favorite things, even before I took Honey's last name. Because it's special to him, it's special to me.

While I was treasure-hunting for colors last night, I took this photo of my Tiffany boxes. As Jerusalem said in her post, there are few colors finer than Tiffany & robin's egg blue, and I couldn't agree more. I doubt I'd have the same affinity for a lovely blue Tiffany box if I weren't so in love with Audrey & Breakfast at Tiffany's, though.

This picture frame, a wedding gift from Adam's cousin Sue, has more or less been the inspiration for what is now my decorating style. The frames are handcrafted from pieces of 150 year old cypress plantation buildings, and you can find them here. I loved the frame so much, I hung it on the wall sans photo until I found just the right photo worthy of being placed inside.

As you can see, I kinda like blues & greens...

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Pink has never been a prevelant color in my home, but now that we're having the baby-girl, it seems to be showing up a bit more :) Below are a few of my favorite pink items, some old, some new.

Too cute pink shoes from my mom. I think she's been enjoying shopping for her granddaughter ~ what do you think?

This gorgeous bib, handmade by the fabulous Manda at Treefall, couldn't be more perfect. I've been coveting one of Manda's bibs since I first saw them but was holding off purchasing one until we knew the sex of the baby. Then I found out, if you wait long enough, and you have a mother who knows you love Manda's creations, she will buy one for you :) Thanks mom!

These dried rosebuds were given to me by my friend Nicole as a completely random just-saw-them-and-thought-of-you gifts. Aren't those the best kind of gifts? The rosebuds used to hang in my walk-in closet in our old apartment, but they now add a perfect, delicate touch to my bathroom. I've had them for years, and never grow tired of looking at them.

Who doesn't love beautiful teacups? The first one mom bought for me for my bridal shower, which had a garden-tea-party theme. The second teacup I've had for years & years, and I'm sad to say, I can't remember where it came from. The third teacup, not quite visible in the photo, was from my sister-in-law Michelle (assuming she & by brother ever set a wedding date!). She bought if for me after Adam & I had gotten into a huge fight a few years back, and knew I was extremely distrought over this particular argument. She dropped the teacup off for me, just because. It's wonderful to have such sweet & thoughtful people in my life.