Friday, February 29, 2008

be nice or I'll sit on you

So, apparently when people say to me these days, you sure there aren't twins in there?, there's something to it. This week, I measured at 32 weeks instead of the 29ish weeks that I am. My doctor said it's common to measure a centemeter or two off, but not 3. She suggested I have another ultrasound, just to make sure everything's okay. People have put the fear of twins into my head, but I think we've just got a really fat baby in there.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

it's been so long...

It's been so long, it's hard to know where to begin....

It's been so long, Honey has pointed out on more than one occasion that it's been a really long time since I've blogged. And honestly, I don't know why he cares, because he knows what I've been doing! I do like that he reads me, though.

It's been so long that I've since forgotten all the little stories that I've wanted to share.

It's been so long that the snow is down to about a foot in my yard.

It's been so long, I FINALLY found a coffee table!

It's been so long, I didn't even post my super-cute Valentine's card I made for Honey. But you can see it on my Flickr. And FYI, Honey made me a super-sweet Valentine's card filled with wedding photos & photos of the animals.

Since I turned back into a human after the months of being a raving lunatic, Honey & I have been busy finishing up the many house projects that we (I) have started & not finished. I figured that if we don't get them done now, before the baby comes, they won't ever get finished. And with 11 weeks to go, let's just say I'm motivated.

We emptied out the spare room and it became project-central. First ~ kitchen cupboard doors. Honey was adamently against painting them, and said this project was all me. And it was so much fun, I wanted to spread it out....for a year & a half. That's right. I started to paint the cupboards & doors somewhere around September of 2006.

It would have been much easier to paint them had I not been 7+ months pregnant. Honey did help prime some doors, but even better? He bought me lillies because I had been working so hard for so many evenings taping off & painting those damn doors. It seemed like the project would NEVER end. And, oh, man, did my back ache.

The colors are Benjamin Moore White Dove and Spring Morning. Once Honey installs the knobs, I'll post photos of the finished kitchen. Well, if I had my farmhouse sink, it would be finished, but for now, that remains a fantasy.

I re-painted the walls because I had done a crappy job when I painted them originally. Note to self: don't paint in a poorly lit room. The color is French General's Plume Bleu, and I love it. I also painted what was the craft room, which is now going to be the nursery, in Plume Bleu, and I love it so much, I'm not re-painting for the baby. And it didn't have a thing to do with the fact that I've got a huge to-do list before she comes.

Next, Honey ripped up the carpet and primed the subfloor with Kilz paint to cover where Riley-Cat peed. Here's Honey is laying the "vapor barrier" (I had to ask just now what "that red stuff is called"). Doesn't he look handsome doing manual labor? I think so.

We'd been saving money for months to purchase the flooring for the spare room and for our bedroom, but we waited so long, the flooring we have in the living room, hallway, and nursery had since been discontinued and we had to pick another color & brand altogether.

The new flooring, Pergo, isn't going down as easily as the Harmonics did. From what Honey tells me at least, and as evidenced by the slow progress he's making. (Honey, that's not a complaint, I'm just saying) He thinks he'll be done by the end of the weekend ~ yippee!

Lots more to share....will write more over the weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

totally worth the $9.50

The other day, while looking for more maternity clothes because my work tops barely cover my belly any longer, I came across dog clothes on Old Navy. Adam said that anything that could make me laugh so hard after months of depression was worth buying. And, man was he right!

I can't say as Doodles liked his new outfit as much as I did, but I haven't laughed that hard in months. So hard my stomach hurt. Harder than when Adam got his subscription for Fitness Magazine, and harder than when we tried putting socks on Porter and my brother's dog Kona. And believe me, that was FUNNY.

And it feels so good to feel like me again. The me who doesn't freak out over idiot drivers. The me who isn't compelled to throw heavy objects in the general direction of my husband. The me who can't wait to see Doodles when we get home from work instead of being annoyed at his affections. The me who has the energy to clean my house and get on with the projects that have been on hold for months. The me who is finally enjoying my pregnancy ~ back aches, swollen feet, itchy skin, and all.

enough already!

Snow, snow & more snow.

Today we are forecasted to get 24 inches of snow. 24 inches!! Old man winter can, in the words of Dooce, suck it.

This would be the temp as we were driving hom from work yesterday. The temp when we were driving into work? -12. -12!

The only good thing I can say about all this snow, is that it has shown me what sweet neighbors we have. Not that I ever thought they were bad neighbors, but the last week, they've been really wonderful. Last Saturday while Adam was in bed with the fever, I was attempting to shovel our driveway with the worst designed shovel ever, and not making much progress. Neighbor Dave from across the street came over with this snowblower and finished the job for me. He even came over in the evening after the snowplow had come by. The next day, after receiving several more inches of snow, our other-half neighbor Kelly had completely snowblowed our driveway. I'm telling you, the best neighbors ever.

Friday, February 1, 2008

week in review

Can I just say that this was one loooonnngggg week? I still can't hardly believe it's Friday and I can finally exhale. We arrived home from work to find a care package from Adam's parents (baby clothes & some Valentine's goodies) AND my diploma! After working my ass off for 5 years, taking about 5 years off, finally finishing my last two classes a couple years back, putting of submitting my graduation application, battling with my so-called advisor on whether or not I had fulfilled my degree requirements, I officially have a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. All would be grand if Honey weren't currently caccooned on the couch with a fever of 101.

Last night I gave my feet a good soaking. I realized at about 3:00 in the afternoon that my left foot was incredibly swollen. So much so that it didn't fit into my slip-ons anymore & hung off the edge of my shoe by about a 1/2 inch. Yes, I have officially entered into the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. Other than that, I was having a decent day. Until I dropped my Country Home into my tub of water, and it pretty much went downhill from there.

What did give me a good laugh this week? Getting the bill for a Fitness magazine subscription. See, Honey decided to enter us into the Publisher's Clearing House win-$5000-a-week-for-life contest. To do so, they of course try to get you to buy various subscriptions. (did anyone else collect the PCH magazine stamps when they were a kid? I used to hoard them.) Anyway, Honey had to uncheck all the boxes so he could just enter the contest & not wind up with a hundred subscriptions. So when we got the bill for Fitness magazine (one of the most unlikely magazines you will ever find in our household), I about peed my pants from laughing so hard. He said ~ one must have slipped by me! Then yesterday, he received a package for 3 children books. Looks like he missed more than one box....and signed up for a children's book membership in the process. Good thing we're having a kid.

Today I made the very difficult decision to go back on zoloft. I tried really hard to make it through my entire pregnancy, to give my baby the best possible environment to grow in, but I just couldn't do it anymore. It has put too much of a strain on me, on Adam, on poor helpless Doodles, and on my family in general. My doctor assured me that my baby is fully developed, that she's just growing at this point. I still worried that it would put too much of a strain on her delicate little system or that she'd go through withdrawals after she's born, but as the nurse pointed out today, babies survive far worse traumas. I have to believe that this is the right choice for my family. What I've gone through in the past months have to be far worse on her than me being on medication for the remainder of my pregnancy. So, here's to me feeling better and bringing some peace back into my home. Honey, thank you for putting up with me all this time. Thank you for not leaving me when I screamed at you to. Thank you for not giving into me when I believed I wasn't fit to be a wife or a mother. I love you all the one.

And finally, your requisite Doodles picture:

Play with me!

Mom ~ he's not playing with me!
gotta love that Doodles!
I am sorry, but is he not the most handsome dog you've ever seen? I know we're obsessed with him, but how could we not be??