Friday, February 29, 2008

be nice or I'll sit on you

So, apparently when people say to me these days, you sure there aren't twins in there?, there's something to it. This week, I measured at 32 weeks instead of the 29ish weeks that I am. My doctor said it's common to measure a centemeter or two off, but not 3. She suggested I have another ultrasound, just to make sure everything's okay. People have put the fear of twins into my head, but I think we've just got a really fat baby in there.


jeanetta said...

girl i am right there with you. you're not short and i am assuming neither is adam so be prepared for one big kid. david was 21.5 inches long. i dont think he even wore things labled newborn. which i want to give a tip about.
dont was everything you get right off the bat before the baby is born. just wash a few so that way if they were like a monster baby like david then you can still take them back. lol. i learned my lesson the hard way.

Nancy said...

Hee hee hee..... Twins?

Jerusalem said...

Twins? Oh my! Or you could just have Giant Baby in there. Whatever. Lol. Hugs!