Wednesday, April 16, 2008

clearly, mother nature hates us

either that or she's just on strike. and to add insult to injury, there was an avalanche early this morning that took out the hydro-electric towers leaving the town to rely on diesel generators for power. the electric company is estimating that our bills will be increased by 500% for the next few months while they repair the towers, and they aren't even going to start repairs for at least a month. it sucked enough to pay $180 a month for electricity and we don't even use our electric heat (which reminds me, I need to pay our oil bill), but to have that increased by 500%?? I could say, at least it's coming up on summer when our electricity bill drops, but it's not going to matter much this year. the only good thing about today? costco now carries Izze. yippee! I totally blame dooce for my Izze addiction, and although the 12-pack at costco doesn't contain my favorite flavor, pink grapefruit, I'm still giddy. almost enough to make up for spending $200 at costco.

EDITED: we woke up to 8 inches of snow this morning. excuse my language, but this is CRAP!


Jerusalem said...

An avalanche? That totally sucks. I cannot believe it is still snowing. That is CRAZY. You poor thing. And the electricity thing is out of control. Surely there is something someone can do to not make it so expensive? Again, CRAZY. If I was there I would hug you and then watch Law and Order with you all day in our pj's, drinking endless grapefruit Izze's.

jeanetta said...

i have the solution... you should move down here.