Monday, August 27, 2007

take away my credit card!

Despite my previous fears, I am surviving the Arkansas heat. All 98 degrees of it. I have been having the best time with Jerusalem and her sweet hubby Nathan, and I so wish we lived closer to one another. Even though we haven't seen each other since they came up for my wedding in 2003, it's as if not a day has passed. Funny how knowing someone for 20 years will do that! We've had talks on just about every conceivable topic, and her youngest son Miles told me he loved me yesterday. My heart melted & my uterus started twitching. It's really amazing to me how kids can be so open with their hearts.

I've also been in heaven with the sheer abundance of flea markets & antique stores, 2 things which are sorely lacking in Juneau. We have no flea markets, and we have one over-priced antique store. I've picked up some really great things ~ vintage European shams, blue ticking, hankies, tea towels, salt & pepper shakers, valentines, Pfaltzgraff bowls, a wall pocket for mom, a cigar box for my brother....

I had to have this lovely sign, hand painted by the fabulous Jeanetta.

Today we hit some craft/home decorating stores, & I got this metal "kitchen" sign, a cookbook holder (something I REALLY did need), candle holders (because you can never have too many), and yes, MORE fabric.

This little gem I found hiding on the very top shelf at Hobby Lobby, and for $3.99, how could I not buy it?? Adding stitching to my paper crafts was something I had been interested in doing, but the thought of lugging out my sewing machine for a teensy bit of stitching wasn't very appealing. Enter this mini, battery operated sewing machine! Just think of the possibilities! Jerusalem got one, too ~ I love having a partner in crime!! She has already given it a test run & gives it a thumbs-up. Honey of course couldn't understand why I needed a mini sewing machine and even its low, low price couldn't convince him. Go figure. You ladies understand the importance of such a nifty crafting tool, right?


Jerusalem said...

Oh just looking at all your goodies makes me giddy! I love to take people to my very favorite shopping places and see them love it as much as I do!!! We are having the most fun!

jeanetta said...

for the love of all thats crafty go back and get me one!!!! just put it on my tab lol!

Nancy said...

Ohhhhhh.... can you see my unhappy face.....? I'm so happy that you're having such a good time and love all your treasures.... But I'm sad that we just don't have those opportunities here. I don't think a 50 square foot "antique store" that's never open hardly qualifies for anything good and our "thrift" stores are nothing more than glorified dumpsters.... Really.... Anything good taken as donations is quickly snatched up by the volunteers. I do love all your new fabric and the signs and and and. Have a great shopping time! mom

Jen said...

Not only do I understand, but that sewing machine is going on my "To Buy" list. I was going to ask for a mimi Janome for Christmas. This is at least $50 cheaper!

So glad you are having fun and shopping up a storm. We have to take these opportunities as they come!