Tuesday, January 29, 2008

good stuff

Pretty in pink! Some might say I have a magazine addiction. "Some", being my husband. He also says I have a fruit addiction. (out of a $65 grocery bill, about $50 of that was fruit. seriously) Anyhoo, I loved all the February magazines, as I'm sure you did, too. I actually haven't read the Country Living yet, but if it's as good as last month's which featured bits on Russell & Hazel (love, love, love R & H), See Jane Work (love them even more than R & H), and Amy Butler (who doesn't love Amy Butler?), I'm in for a treat.

Not gonna lie ~ we had a bit of snow last weekend. And because we love him so much, we bought Porter a new car ~ a Ford Escape. It was our intention to buy a new vehicle before the baby was born, one that we could put Porter in the way-back & he wouldn't step on the baby. It was our intention to shop around a bit, do some test drives, do some research on-line, and be ready to negotiate like pros.
It was not our intention to test drive one vehicle, hang out in the car dealership for 2 1/2 hours, and drive home with a new car. But that's what happens when you spend 2 1/2 hours in a car dealership while they "run some numbers", and check with their boss because we were "lucky" enough to get the guy so new, he didn't even have business cards printed, and then they run some more numbers.
They get you. And I didn't even get to drive my Jetta one last time.
But, the car is growing on me, and in my heart, I know it was the right choice for our growing family.
He really does love me! Honey went on-line to buy a gate for the back of the new car so Porter wouldn't be tempted to hop over the back seats, and don't think he wouldn't try. Honey also bought me 2 new books! I asked if they were from my Amazon wish list, and he said that no, no, they were from his recommendations. Since he only buys things for me on Amazon & never anything for himself, Amazon is of the impression that he's gay. And I don't mean to offend gays, I just think it's funny that Amazon recommends things like decorating books and chic-flicks. Tell me that's not funny! And I love these books. I want to crawl inside and live in the pages of these books. Thank you, Honey ~ I love you!


Jerusalem said...

oh what great books!what a sweet man! I can't wait to ride around in your new car- and yes, they always get ya- it's how it goes...lol. So what is the weather going to be like early April???

Nancy said...

What a fun post! And Mr. P. is certainly deserving of a new car! We might have to get a bigger car just to haul him back and forth during the day! That's really sweet of Adam to buy you books. I mean, really really sweet. mom

jeanetta said...

yeah i alway buy for my dad and ben and my brother in law through amazon so my recomendations are for johnny cash, woodworking and guns, and bbq cookbooks.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

What a good man! I'm very impressed. I have the Vintage Fabric book but will have to peek at the other one.