Tuesday, June 12, 2007

geeky questions

So I'm wondering ~

What size are your photos when you transfer from your camera? It seems to take FOR-ever to download photos into a post, & I just don't have the patience for that. I'm sure it's just because the photo size is too large; I don't think it's my laptop as we just got it in December & it's pretty speedy.

What photo software are you using? Photoshop? It's on my wish list, but am currently using the crappy software that came with my printer. Also on my wishlist is a new printer/scanner because I broke the glass scanner piece in a fit of anger. Yes, I know I have issues.

I consider myself fairly computer literate, but not when it comes to photo editing, and basically anything to do with the web. I havn't even figured out how to add a photo in the title to my blog without it being HUGE!

I've got a couple things to post on my sad, empty etsy site, but have putting it off because it takes so damn long to upload my pictures to my blog, I fear it will take just as long on etsy.

Oh, one more very important question ~ all the amazing photos on everyone's Inspiration Fridays, are you taking them from the magazine's website, or are you scanning & downloading?

Thanks ladies!


Nancy said...

Good questions and I'm anxious to hear the answers! I know what you mean about pictures taking forever to post. All my pictures are stored in Picasa. Aunt Georgia said to email them to myself (from Picasa) first, save to my desktop, and retrieve the picture from there. That's how she does them for Petfinder. For some reason, it decreases the size.... and now it only takes seconds for my pictures to post. I wonder if my pictures load okay on other people's computers.... mom

tracy said...

I can see your pictures just fine ~

Jerusalem said...

Ok, here it is:
Inspiration Friday Photos: All of the above, I scan, I steal, I use. Just depends on how much time I have...

Photoshop: I have heard a rumor that there is a cheaper version of Photoshop that runs around 100.00 retail (and can be found on Ebay for around 60.00) that is just as good as the regular photoshop UNLESS you are restoring pictures, then it is no good. Also you can get a trial version for 30 days for free on their website. I don't have photoshop (on my list of things to do...) so I just use the
microsoft picture software that came on the computer under "My Pictures."

Picture Size: This is probably a partial camera issue. Your camera probably has 2-3 settings for quality. I mostly leave mine on the middle quality because it doesn't take up as much memory on my camera and is easier to upload to the computer and sites etc.

Picture to top of Blog: This I work in in Publisher. I cut and paste pictures into a publisher document and make it about the size I think it should be on the blog. I add text etc. Then I "select all" and "save as a picture" making sure to save it as a jpeg.

I don't know if this is how other people do things, but this is how I have found to "work the system." Let me know if any of this makes sense or helps!!!

tracy said...

thanks jeru ~ you rock! I hadn't even thought of branching out into Publisher, but will probably invest in the smaller version of Photoshop soon. Costco has it for about $70, and Amazon for slightly less than that. There's so much I'd like to do photo-wise on my blog, but the amount of time it takes me with my current method makes me think there must be an easier way.

thanks again!!