Thursday, June 21, 2007

how doth my garden grow?

Very well, thank you!

I feel like I can finally stop to enjoy it now. I am aware that gardens take time & maintenance, but at least I'm not killing myself digging holes, removing grass, aerating soil, mixing in good soil, etc, etc.

I can't even tell you how much I love having my own house. The inside still doesn't quite feel like home, only because I keep changing my mind on paint colors, haven't hung any family photos, & still need to get most of my belongings truly organized. But right now, this time of year, when it stays light well beyond the time I've fallen asleep (happy Solstice, by the way!), and the days are suddenly warm enough to leave the house in the morning sans jacket, I crave being outside. I need it. I let my house get dirty (and pray we don't have unexpected visitors) and put off doing things I know I need to do, just so I can be outdoors.

Before, Honey & I would go to the beach as often as possible & now I am so content to just stay home. I was always a homebody, a nester, but now it's downright ridiculous. I love my yard & its emerging gardens. The front lawn may still need grass seed, but I am so happy to sit at my bistro table & listen to the rustling leaves of my honeysuckle tree. My honeysuckle tree. Do you have any idea how it tickles my insides to own a tree with pink blossoms?

The super cute birdcage on the bistro table I got from Joann's for about $7. Honey couldn't understand why I would buy a birdcage just for decoration. He is usually understanding about my purchases, but this one he just couldn't get on board with. Boys.


* said...

Wow. Your yard is so grown up and beautiful. Ours is so pathetic and barren. I am just not a yard girl... But I love looking at yours and your moms! So pretty!

Rodrigo said...

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Nancy said...

Yes, looking good! Now just sit back and enjoy it. Our yard flourished these past few days we were gone.