Saturday, June 2, 2007


I just had to share that I'm so happy to have some new visitors! Ladies, I swear one of these days I'll get some crafting done & post some photos so I actually fit into this world of crafting & cottage blogs that I so admire. Once the days hit above 50 degrees, I spend as much time as possible outdoors, and creating a garden in our new home has me fairly preoccupied. You really have no idea how inspirational it is to read your blogs, though. To see the photos of your homes, what you've created, and to know there are so many like-minded women out there really is amazing.

Now, you might be thinking ~ This girl pees with the door open & then posts a photo of it. I am nothing like her! To clarify, I normally tend to "rush the process", and I don't even have any magazines in my bathroom. Honestly. I, too, tend to wait until I'm about to pee my pants before I finally make it to the bathroom. There are just too many other things I'd rather do than sit & pee. So it only makes sense that when I was looking at the broken piece of the gourd bowl (purchased via mail order from the Body Shop when I was 16 & got my first checking account) gingerly held in place by nothing other than my will, & that I have been meaning to super glue back on for about 4 months now & really didn't see it happening anytime soon, I was compelled to turn the bowl around. I just couldn't look at the broken, cracked piece any longer. This of course meant that the fancy soaps had to be rearranged to be facing the correct direction. So, you see, it was all perfectly innocent! Not that I'm not completely neurotic, but a girl can pretend.

If you're not convinced yet, here's another tidbit for you. A few weeks ago while Honey & I were making the bed, I practically screamed STOP! at him because he was putting the pillow in the pillow case with the tag facing OUT. Really, can you imagine? The tag facing out and not all the way tucked inside the pillow case where I can't see it? Who can live like that?? Certainly not me. Anyway, the beauty of that little bedtime moment? Once Honey realized what my "emergency" was, he understood that I NEEDED the tag inside the pillowcase, and he still loves me!

Sleep well, Honey. I love you. (photo circa 5 minutes ago)

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jeanetta said...

i am guessing you dont like wire hangers either.