Monday, July 2, 2007

shopping goodness

As my mom wrote in a recent post, we have reason to celebrate in our little retail-challenged town. Ta-Da! Home Depot! The first time I saw the HD orange make an appearance on the HD building, I was downright giddy. Since HD is near Costco, I have watched it's progress on a weekly basis & was all but counting the days until June 28th, the expected opening date.

I have always loved hardware & home improvement stores (and office supply stores), and HD brings my love of hardware stores to a new level. My mind reels at the possibilities! Flooring, tile, pavers, every tool known to man, LIGHTING!, storage solutions, cabinet knobs & pulls, sink faucets, wood, oh my! Need a new fridge? There are 22 to choose from! 22!! And as my mom says, you can go in needing to purchase one thing, and you come out with a bunch of stuff that you didn't even know you needed, but now cannot live without! I was, however, disappointed that they did not have the sink I have been coveting, a farmhouse apron-front sink, but it was probably a good thing they didn't have one in stock otherwise I would have had to purchase it. And purchasing a new kitchen sink isn't really in the budget right now. And I thought I was happy with my bathroom, until I saw a faucet that would be too perfect. If I could find a picture online I'd post it, so for now you'll just have to trust me that is the cutest faucet ever.

Anyway, despite my love of home improvement stores, Honey & I did not go on opening day, but we did go Friday evening & made a few necessary purchases. By the time we were done wandering the massive store that, according to the Juneau Empire article is not the smallest HD in the country, I was using the garden stakes as a walking stick. And I know it's not like this is the first store they've opened, but thank goodness HD had the foresight to install those cute little bumper posts around the major appliances, because we did pump into a toilet or two.
Our major purchase for the evening was a garden hose rolling cart, which looks like it was made by John Deere, and I love it. Makes me feel like I'm on a farm. Except that I'm not smart enough to actually get the hose to stay on the cart, so I'd probably make a lousy farmer. You think I'm joking, but I promise you, I'm not. I just cannot visualize how the hose is supposed to connect to the leader hose, which is connected to the cart, and that's all supposed to somehow connect to the water faucet?? I don't think so.
I went back the next day while Honey was at work & bought beadboard & moulding for the kitchen/dining room, which has been on my project list since we bought the house. Prior to HD, we had 2 hardware/home improvement stores, one of which is grossly overpriced, & both of them carrying much of the same product. Because of that, I've held off on lots of projects til HD opened so as to get the most bang for my buck. Now, my dining room (if it were big enough to actually fit a dining table) is this close to being complete. Yippee! Knobs & pulls arrived yesterday & are installed on my new, freshly-painted china cabinet (a garage sale find from mom & Mike), the beadboard & trim is almost completely installed & then will get a couple coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove paint, hand-made curtains are finished & turned out fabulous, if I may say. It's just turning out to be the cutest little space, & as soon as it's finished-finished, I'll post befores & afters. I'm dying to post photos of my home so you can see how I live & get more of a sense of what I'm about, but I feel like our house has been in a constant state of re-do since we moved in last August. That's what happens when you finally get your own house, I guess. After years of renting, the weekend warrior that's been desperate to escape is finally unleashed! Watch out Home Depot, I'm coming!

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