Tuesday, July 24, 2007

garage sale

Last weekend, my mom & I had a garage sale. When Honey & I moved into our house, I quickly realized that we had A LOT of stuff that we didn't need. I started a pile in the garage of crap to get rid of, and that pile has been growing & taking on a life of its own since last August.

Here's some shots from us setting up the garage sale. It was truly overwhelming to see all that STUFF. Stuff that I had to have that I rarely or never used. Stuff I had loved & still loved, but was no longer needed. Who needs 8 sets of bedding? I do. But I still sold off most of them. That was probably my biggest letting-go-breakthrough. I love, love, love bedding.

It felt really good to purge, but since I've just been throwing stuff in the garage for all these months, the only space that really gained room was the garage! And in fact, after rummaging through my mom's items, I probably have more that I started with. And I know that totally defeats the purpose, but I had to have them! It's a disease that I inherited from my mother, who claims it was handed down from her mother. So you see, it's not my fault.

And in my defense, one lady who came said she was told we had the best garage sale of the day. You hear that? My mom & I have the best use crap!

And here's the garage after. Step back! I can still hardly believe all the space we have. I may be able to park my car in there this winter!

Some of the treasures I stole before my mom got a chance to tag them? These really cool old books. And inside the Daphne du Maurier?

This! Taken circa 1991 (I think.) from the only photo booth in town, at the Emporium Mall, which isn't really a mall at all. The gorgeous girl on the left is our dear friend Carrie McMillan. I realize now I don't know if her married name is still McMillan! But, more importantly, we are all still in touch, 20 years later.

And just for fun, here's a rare shot of Doodles enjoying the flowers. Look at that face. His eyes tell all.


Nancy said...

Holy moly we had a lot of stuff! It was so overwhelming, wasn't it. I know we had quite a bit left over, but looking at this before picture, now, I realize how much we really did sell. Good job! And, yes, it really is a disease....

jeanetta said...

omg is that jerusalem in the pic too?!!

tracy said...

yes ma'am, it is jerusalem!

carrie said...

I still have those pics too!!! Still McMillan. I'm too lazy to change everything. Paul's last name is Meredith.