Thursday, July 26, 2007

a brighter Thursday: scenes from a craft room

Here are some shots of my evolving craft room. The only money I've spent thus far have been paint & supplies. Several months ago, I did purchase the acrylic paper trays, but everything else I already owned. Or inherited from my grandparents. Or took from my mother.
The furniture is concentrated on the one side because I've got a gorgeous antique bed that belonged to my grandmother that will eventually be placed in this room. I'm totally putting my horse before the cart (or is it the other way around?) by trying to contain everything that does not belong in our living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom into this one room so I don't have to juggle too much when & if we get to make a baby room. My grandma's bed is a 3/4 size (smaller than a full but bigger than a twin) so it's not exactly feasible as a guest bed for full-size people. It would, however, make the perfect for an afternoon nap, or for a little daughter.

I like my desk placement ~ near the window so I get good light & have a nice view, and also facing the door so no one can sneak up on me. I'd love to have a larger project table with more room to spread out, but once I get the bed in the room, I don't think there will be space for a larger table. Oh, and I'm missing a sewing station, too.

The tv is not even plugged in yet, & I don't plan on running cable to the room, but I would like to get a cheap little dvd player. I'm currently watching movies on my laptop, but that of course hinders being able to use the laptop at the same time. I've had that tv since I was about 16, one of my first "major" purchases. The lamp, which will eventually get a facelift, was purchased for $3 at the annual community garage sale a few years back.

In my attempt to contain my belongings & to downsize the amount of crap I don't use & don't need, I look at every item & analyze whether or not it's useful, sentimental, or if I really might need it someday. If it doesn't fit into one of those categories, or if I can't find a logical place for it to live, it goes in the giveaway pile. I am one of those people that believes everything should have a place, so not having my home organized after 11 months is crazy-making.

Feel free to oooh & aaaah over my supply shelf organization, though! Also still a work in progress, and once I get the shelving hung, I'll know better where stuff will live. I almost prefer that I've waited so long to put this room together because now I know how I want to use the room, what works in terms of furniture & storage & making things I use easily accessable. If it's a pain in the ass to put away my supplies, I guarantee they will wind up in a pile somewhere.

This shelf has 4 baskets: one holds glues & adhesives, one holds paints & markers, one holds miscellaneous tools, and the 4th holds random bits.

The wicker-drawer-thingy has paper scraps & card stock I've already folded for card-making. The wooden paper tray has my 8 1/2 x 11 paper, and the acrylic paper trays have my 12 x 12 paper. Watch me try to organize my 12 x 12 paper ~ solids & printed ~ into 10 slots. No easy task.

Ummm, red & white string? Check! When I first saw it being used in The French Inspired Home, I thought, I MUST HAVE RED & WHITE STRIPED STRING! Recently, I did a google search on red & white string, and saw a link to Tilda's Bake Shop in a comment on Posie's blog. At Tilda's you can get this giant spool of perfect red & white striped string for like, $12. Of course, I paid about that much in shipping, too, but I didn't mind. Jane's Apron also had a post about what looks to be the same spool of string. Who knew there were so many people who loved red & white striped string?

This is my first project created in my craft room, and I have to say, it was really nice to have a space of my own, to not drag everything out into the living room to work at the dining table, and then have to drag everything back into my craft room when I'm done. Maybe instead of thinking I'd rather do my crafting in the living room to be near Honey, what I really need is more time to myself. Plus, it obviously saves time not dragging my supplies through the house & reduces the "mess" anxiety because I don't have piles of paper & adhesives covering the dining table.

They're a set of blank-inside greeting cards for my MIL's birthday. There are 2 varieties, 4 of each, with red envelopes. The card was handmade & distressed ~ my first attempt with my new distressing kit. The card is simple, but I like it.

German raspberries, one of my most favorite candies!


Nancy said...

Wow! I'm impressed! You made such good progress and your craft room looks so put together. Yeaaa! Good job!

julie (jane's apron) said...

I AM ooohing & aaahing over your "room" is just a tiny sewing room (i.e. big closet) and I love to see everyone's spacious rooms...lucky!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I love your studio and it looks so organized. I love organized! I love your cards. Girl, you've got talent. I have some of the red and white string and also brown and white but much smaller spools. I'm headed to that site to buy in bulk!