Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We spent the holiday camping on Shelter Island, where my dad & step-mom Jill are in the process of building a cabin. Jill's brother Rodney & his wife Mary also have a cabin on the adjacent lot, and us kids all decided that dad & Jill ought to buy us the next lot over. You know, to keep away the undesirables. Who knows what kind of crazies might build there?? Better to keep it in the family, I say.
It was Porter's first boat ride, and he handled it much better than walking on the dock, which he was not having. Honey thought I had lost my mind (not the first time) when I put a life vest on Porter. It's not like I really thought it would save his life if he were to fall overboard! Can't a girl just have some fun dressing up her dog?

Upon our arrival, this lovely plate of "sushi" was awaiting us. It was prepared by Megan, the daughter of a friend of Rodney & Mary's. I had to admire her presentation!

Fireworks & beer? Always a good combination. Luckily, everyone left the island with all their fingers & toes, and not even a singed eyelash.

We feasted on king crab for lunch. So, so good!

Michelle thought it would be funny if I took a picture of Adam in the outhouse-with-a-view, and since I take so many pictures of her, how I could I say no?

Completely off subject, but I wanted to mention that I drive past Jeru's old house every day, at least twice a day. This is the house she spent her formidable teen years in, the house in which she decorated her room just like a scene from Out of Africa, the house where I read Love Story for the first time, the house where I discovered parents DO kiss! To me, this house will always hold magical memories. It was, and I hope still is, a house full of love. Since she's feeling a bit sad & melancholy today, missing her family & the way things used to be, I wanted to share this photo I took a few days ago. Happy 4th, Jeru.
I hope everyone had a lovely holiday with their friends & family. Mom & Mike ~ we missed you today!


Nancy said...

We missed you too.... but you know now we had our hands full with other stuff.... Still... had your dad invited us, knowing how much we LOVE king crab.... we would have come out and worked for our meal! Glad you had a good time and, I agree, buying the property next door for you kids would be a good thing :) I love you. mom

Nancy said...

By the way--the outhouse-with-a-view..... CUTE! Great Christmas card!

tracy said...

I posted the PG photo, not the one with Adam flipping us off for watching him poo! Then we found out later there was a board to cover the window.

Jerusalem said...

Oh, fresh AK king crab... Those were the good old days. Yummy. Gonna have to come do a Juneau 4th when the kids get big. The backwards fireworks and all. Thanks for the pic! I love it!!! Love ya friend!