Wednesday, December 5, 2007

another poll!

This is my living room. I've been desperate for a new coffee table for over a year now and even though I haven't been able to commit to one, I know it will be round. It used to be for purely asthetic reasons, but now it's also for safety! I can't be having all those sharp edges with a kid in the house, now can I?!

I had envisioned something like this little beauty, but after much thought, I'm just not sure it will go with my existing furniture. My couch & chair are in the beige/camel family, and my entertainment center is a cream/sagey green treatment. I love cottage style decorating & have been slowly moving towards that direction, but I also love a warm look, and I think it's tricky to achieve both.

My other dilemma with a pedestal table is that I'm used to having the underneath part of my coffee table. And where else would I put my many, many magazines? And when the baby comes, where will I put the basket of toys? On the flipside, maybe the pedestal without the underneath part might make my teeny tiny living room less crowded?

My other option is something like this. A nice wood table with an underneath part to collect all my crap. It's a little rustic, which is also appealing to my I-want-to-live-in-a-farmhouse-in-Vermont side.
So these are my two options, and I need you lovely ladies to help me decide! One, two, three, go!


Tanya said...

The second one definitely gives you more versatility as far as storage goes, you can find baskets to go on that shelf, and you could probably even find some low profile baskets that would fit underneath that shelf.

However, the first one looks more like you aesthetically...

So there you go, once again no help at all!

Nancy said...

I prefer the white one for you. I think it would look adorable with the other colors in your house and it would compliment your cottage look and feel. You can add accessories on top to give it the rustic feel that you also want. As far as not having a place underneath to store/hide/stack stuff.... it means you just get to creative to find a new place. A lot of those baby books will be put aside in a few months. Get some cute magazine holders to put in your office; keep all your creative ideas in one place. Bring out just a month's worth of magazines at a time and set them around the living room. There's nothing that says you have to have it all on the table.

Jerusalem said...

I love the white one - it's the kind I want someday...but the second one is more sturdy looking and as the mother of 2 rowdy boys I just think "can they stand on it?" when I look at coffee

Kari & Kijsa said...

What about something with drawers...that way you could keep toys or magazines and still have all that space on top....both of these options are beautiful though!

Have a very blessed day!

smiles, kari and kijsa