Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I have officially wrapped my last gift. (Doodles was exhausted just watching it all). Honey & I are having roasted chicken & stuffing for dinner tonight, will likely turn on a 24 hours of A Christmas Story, and at some point, take Doodles out for a walk.

We had not-quite-Christmas Eve dinner last night with Bucky, Michelle & baby Hunter, and tomorrow after having a big breakfast at home, we'll spend the day between my mom & step-dad's house, and my dad & step-mom's house. While it may sound crazy-hectic, it's really all very relaxed.

However you are spending your day tomorrow, I hope you are surrounded by your families, too.


Jerusalem said...

Hunter is sooo precious! Merry Christmas Auntie Trace!

Nancy said...

He looks half grown already! I've not seen him in over a week. I suspect he'll be walking and talking here soon.... Merry Christmas, sweetie! I love you. mom

Anonymous said...

So nice to visit and find someone else that likes to watch A Christmas Story, too. It's my tradition each year. I love your doggies name ~ Doodles. That is awesome! I,too, am thoroughly enjoying this down time and do not overly long to return to work in a few days. :)