Friday, December 7, 2007

going out of my mind

Michelle checked into the hospital last night in order to be induced into labor. Yesterday afternoon, after performing some tests & determining there was still plenty of amniotic fluid, the doctor wanted to induce anyway since she was nearing 2 weeks past her due date. They didn't administer the pitocin until this morning, and I've been so anxious all day. Everytime I think about what a huge thing this is ~ my little brother becoming father, I start tearing up. Who am I kidding? "Tearing up" is an understatement; I've been crying off & on all damn day! Plus, I feel so badly for Michelle & the pain she must be in. From what I understand, being induced is much more painful than regular labor, and with no breaks in between contractions. Again, just the thought of her being in that much pain makes me cry. I've known this day was coming for several months now, so I didn't expect all these emotions to sneak up on me and in such a overwhelming way. It's all just so much to comprehend. Oh, man, I'm going to be an absolute wreck when it's my turn!!

At any rate, I just heard from my mom, who said my brother had just called her to say that they were "calling in the doctor". I presume that means it's time to push, and I know even at this point, it can sometimes still take hours, but it's getting so close! The thought that any minute they could be holding their baby is just too incredible. And on that note, I'm going to click "publish" before I start to cry again.

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