Wednesday, March 21, 2007

avalanches & sleep talkers

We had an avalanche today, although I believe it was man-made. In an attempt to control mother nature, the city will blast at the mountainside in the hopes of creating an avalanche. Today, success.

I wish I could take credit for these photos; they passed through town all afternoon, I got them from a co-worker, and here they land once again.

To my knowledge, no one was injured, and they had the snow cleared from the road by 6:30 this evening. There's only a handful of residents that live in that area (3 of whom are my bosses & their child), so at least everyone got to go home today.

I'm still not entirely smoke-free. I had made it through my first 24 hours without smoking, and the next day was absolutely craving one by the time I got home from work. That seems to be my current Everest. I made it past the needing to have just those 3 a day, to now needing just that one a day.

It's so hard to feel good about my progress but not be disappointed in my lack of progress at the same time. And, you can now add a Costco size tub of licorice to the things I've eaten during my quest to quit smoking. And some more chocolate because I realized I chose the week before my period to quit smoking (how brilliant am I?) & I totally crave chocolate during my period. CANNOT get enough chocolate. And I'm still eating tons of lollies, as we've come to call them around my house.

The best seem to be Jolly Ranchers lollies; a little intimidating to bite down on so they last a while, and the stick is plastic so I can chew on it for a while once my lolly is done. Tootsie Pops come in number 2, however, they're just too hard to not bite down on! Dum-Dums are a distant third, simply because they are small & come with weird flavors. Chocolate? Root Beer? Butterscotch? Pina Colata? Give me the red-flavors, people!

That Target commercial is on ~ A little bit more, a little bit more. Love that song. I think it's by a guy named Jaime Lidell, or something like that; saw it on someone else's blog I came across randomly.

Allrighty, I think it's time for bed. Honey (I am also Honey, which I'm sure annoys the hell out of our friends) fell asleep before me for the first time in I don't know how long. I think I will let him sleep on the couch because he's impossible to wake. When I do, he'll usually start talking in his sleep, so I try to keep him going if I can. I have to amuse myself somehow, don't I? He works in a copy/graphic design shop, and my favorite was when he started talking in his sleep about the "Riley job" he had to finish ~ Riley being our cat. I know, probably not funny to anyone else in the world but me, but I gotta say, I did laugh out loud & isn't that what really matters?

Maybe I should try to wake him after all.....

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Jerusalem said...

An avalanche? Crazy. Can't imagine. And look at all the snow. It was almost 80 degrees here today. We don't have spring. We go straight to summer. Oh well. Don't be hard on yourself about the smoking! You are doing great!!!