Wednesday, March 14, 2007

fingers crossed

May today be the day I go 24 hours without smoking. I had round 2 of acupuncture yesterday, and my cravings seem to have subsided dramatically. I dare say this is the longest I've made it yet. I'm inclined to go again today to really seal the deal, however at $75 a pop, it's tough. My sweet mother brought me a gift at work yesterday. Actually, two gifts ~ a french-inspired sign from Room Service Home that I've been coveting, and some money to help pay for my acupuncture. So that certainly helps. And it's nice to have a mom who knows how important those gestures are.


Chaton said...

Good luck with quitting! I've never smoked...but I know a couple of people who have quit it. They both commented on how much better food tastes!

tracy said...

Thanks for the support! You are my very first blog comment :) TG