Thursday, March 29, 2007

on being sick

Honey is sick and I won't deny that I am the most insensitive, unsympathetic wife when this occurs. Due to poor timing (like I can time these things), I generally don't have the luxury of staying home when I'm sick, nor do sit still very well anyway. Probably why the last time I got sick, it lasted for about a month.
When Honey gets sick, he feels the need to remind me every five minutes that he doesn't feel good and then proceeds to tell me exactly what, where & how everything hurts. Just in case I forgot from the last time he told me. I am not proud to say that I cut him off from whining last time he was ill. I actually told him he was not allowed to complain to me any more. When I get sick, I pray to whatever gods may be listening to please, please, please do not let Honey get sick, too. Not because I am concerned for his health (he is young, he can take it) but because I can't take the whining. I am a awful wife.


jeanetta said...

men are the biggest babies when they get sick. the biggest!!! everything still has to run inorder when we get sick cause it's not like they are going to fill in the cracks. sure we arent expected to be all on top of everything when we get down but ooooooo the mest when we get our strength back.
can you tell you hit a nerve?

tracy said...

lol ~ I love my husband dearly, but how unfair that the world stops when they're sick & we must power through!