Thursday, March 1, 2007

blizzard on the way!

We've got blizzard warnings in effect today. One might think, you live in Alaska ~ big deal. Our winters are actually fairly temperate, though, and much milder than the mid-west or even the east coast. But today we're expected to get about 24 inches of snow in the next day, coupled with 50 mph winds. I thought that was preferrable to the -8 bitter cold weather we've been having, but now that the wind has begun to pick up, I'm not so sure. Luckily, our very sweet "other half", the fellow that lives in the other half of our attached house, has a snow blower and will usually do our half of the driveway along with his while we're away at work.

My office overlooks the Federal Building parking lot, and on days like this, it usually empties out earlier than normal. The State offices do the same, so instead of everyone driving home at 4:30, everyone is driving home at 3:30. I hate to see an empty parking lot while I'm still stuck at work. (Holidays are the worst) I'm hoping that if state & federal offices do close down early, my boss will see fit to do the same. Here's hoping!

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