Monday, March 19, 2007

monday blahs

The only thing keeping me going today is the amount of work I need to do. Work that I can actually complete instead of the on-going projects that I never quite seem to finish.

Quitting smoking is going better than expected, although my husband might disagree. Why is it we are nastiest to those we love the most? Is it because we know they are supposed to love us unconditionally & they couldn't possibly leave us just because we are being unbearable?? At any rate, I have cheated a teensy, but for the most part, am smoke-free. Yippee!! I have finished off an entire Costco size bag (COSTCO SIZE, PEOPLE!!) of Robin's Eggs, except I think I may have actually eaten those prior to my quitting, about 8 bags lo lolly pops, and more chocolate than I care to admit. Chocolate & caramel.....mmmmmm....I had to squeeze into my jeans this morning. I just love that I can feel my belly rolling over on top if itself.

Note to self: must start an exercise program of some sort ~ besides walking our dog Porter, which is admittedly more than most people are doing. I have been wanting to try yoga for ages, but because I am afraid of my inflexability, I haven't made the commitment to it. Perhaps if I tried yoga, I wouldn't be so damn inflexible, hmmmm?? I do love reading the Yoga Journal & I practice breathing techniques from time to time, though. My husband is anti-eastern-medicine, yoga, & all that it implies, so I also need to get past his feelings on the subject & just do it if I want to so badly. Every day is an opportunity to try something new, get over a fear, to let go of something that has been holding me back. Here's to moving forward!!


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