Sunday, April 8, 2007

cause for celebration

This was last weekend:

This was yesterday:

Yes, our backyard still has 3 feet of snow, and the sun was probably shining directly on the thermometer when I took this shot, but that was a beautiful sight.
Also this weekend, my mom, Michelle (my brother's fiance) & I decorated about a thousand Easter cookies. Michelle's were all cute & fancy, mom said I should "just stick to the carrots ~ they're easier". I know she just joking, and really she is the sweetest mom on earth, but geesh!


Jerusalem said...

Those are the cutest Easter cookies ever. Would've been hard to eat them, well not that hard. Lol. Speaking of crazy weather, it has been down to freezing temps here this weekend. Jeez.

Nancy said...

They are simply gorgeous cookies! Especially the carrots! I love you, Tracy! mom