Monday, April 30, 2007

blue monday

so i'm being a totally bad hostess because i'm writing this post when i should be entertaining my brother & his fiance, who are here for dinner. i'll be quick!

first up ~ what i see outside right now ~ BLUE SKY! after a week of rain, this is a spring miracle!

next up are my acorn slippers ~ love acorns. these were a christmas gift from my dad & step-mom jill. i live in my slippers from the moment i get home to the moment i crawl into bed. they're warm & fuzzy, have a rubber soul, and most importantly, are washable!

this is hanging outside our bedroom door. it was a weddng gift, and i love seeing it every day.

the item which made my bathroom complete! my coveted sign, purchased for me by my mom. sadly, my camera does nothing for my wall color.

my blue birds. these were a trinket from my bridal shower hosted by mother-in-law mary in spokane.

my new blue binders from russell & hazel. i'm tring to get more'd think i'd already be pretty organized as i am incredibly anal about where stuff goes (where it belongs where else?) but i just need a really good system. and it should look cute, too. plus, i just haven't found where everything should live since we bought our house last august.

see you tomorrow!

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Jerusalem said...

I love it all - especially the blune binders. Gotta love a great binder or notebook...