Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yesterday morning while driving into work, I remembered that I had angsty dreams about driving. I mentioned this to honey, saying I remember trying to honk the horn at a bad driver but the horn didn't work. He said ~ yeah, you did have really angsty dreams; you kept trying to push me away when I went to cuddle you. I wondered if I was trying to honk him....

Tuesday I got one dozen red roses from Honey. Rotary Roses ~ do your Rotary Clubs sell roses there, too or is it just a Juneau thing? I also wonder if high school kids go to Costco to eat Costco-dogs for lunch, or if that is also just a Juneau thing. At $1.50 for a hot dog & soda, you can't beat it for cheapest lunch in town. I'm not too proud to say I ate many a Costco dog for dinner when I was broke in college. At any rate, my roses are lovely ~ see! They were delivered to my office by the Rotarian Adam purchased them from, his boss Chuck. A very nice fellow whom Adam loves working for. And Chuck doesn't read this, so I'm not just sucking up on Honey's behalf!

It has been absolutely gorgeous out here, with honest to goodness WARM days. I can't even tell you how much I begin to crave the sunshine after a long winter, and this winter has been especially long. It snowed just last week, for crying out loud! The snow is almost melted from our front & back yard, and the poo is almost all cleaned up as well. I'm not a bad dog owner, but we had so much damn snow this year that unless I stood next to Porter with a poo-recepticle under his ass while he did his business, it just wasn't getting picked up until spring. And trust me when I tell you, I am so not the only one on poo-patrol this week.

Yesterday evening while I was filling up about the 15th grocery-bag of poo (I am sooo sorry Arrow Refuse!!), we had half the neighborhood kids in our yard playing with Porter. It sounded something like this: PORTER! PORTER! PORTER! PORTER! PORTER! Come here Porter! PORTER! Come here Porter! Porter come here! PORTER! PORTER! PORTER! You think I'm joking, but I'm not. One of our favorite neighbor kids, age 9 but we don't know his name yet, also stopped by for a vist. At our first meeting this winter while out walking Porter, he asked us if we had any kids. We said ~ nope, just 2 cats & a dog. He said ~ so your pets are like your kids, huh? Adam & I thought this kid was much brighter than most kids in our 'hood. Yesterday, he asked me if I "was a gardening freak like his mom". I started laughing and said, Well, yes, I guess I am! And very well put! That kid cracks me up.

I was outside until about 8:30 working in the yard; raking up the dead grass, clearing the debris from the flower beds, pulling up the beginnings of weeds, & dreaming of what I want to do with the yard. When we purchased our house last August, it was too late to do any gardening. I had grand plans of pouring over landscaping books & magazines this past winter to design my perfect cottage garden. Because in my mind, everything must be perfect the first time around. Nevermind the fact that we don't have the funds to make my perfect cottage garden. But did I plan my garden over the winter? Noooo! Following through with goals is something I've always struggled with. I get totally ADD and move onto another project before finishing what I've started. Or, more often, get completely overwhelmed with all the things I want & need to do, and shut-down instead.

I haven't even finished painting everything I wanted to paint, and now it's time for outside activities & the last place I want to be is inside painting. So that's my goal for the next couple of weeks ~ paint, paint, paint & get those projects finished so I can start gardening without the anxiety of the things that are unfinished indoors. And yes, I'm totally aware that home projects will be neverending, but I at least want to finish what I've started ~ and finally post some before & after photos!!

I've been writing this post off & on since yesterday morning. Now that the weather is nice, I hope I still find time to post all the little ramblings that I simply must share with you all. Adam & I spend as much time as possible outdoors, especially during the summer months. We love love love the beach & being near the water (someday I will have a house near the ocean....). love camping ~ anything to take advantage of our short summers. This year, I have a feeling we'll be spending more time at home, since we have a home! After apartment living for most of my 20's and my (very) early 30's, it's amazing to have my own home to play with. The first time it hit me that this was OUR house was when I walked through the back yard and realized this was my oil tank, my yard, my spindly little trees.

I read a blog recently of a woman who had taken a sabattical from blogging because she felt as though she was living to post to her blog rather than actually living her life. How true. It's so easy to get sucked into reading about other peoples' lives ~ total strangers, even ~ and trying to keep up with your own posts. This woman said she started turning every meal, every project into a photo shoot. I mentioned this revelation to my mom who also recently started her own blog, and these were her thoughts on the subject: "we can't do that otherwise our day is nothing but artificial and for looks. So we need to just keep it real and unpretentious I suppose." While I don't want to get sucked into blog-land and leave reality altogether, one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place was to write about all the little mundane things that happen in my life and post pictures of things I love or that make me laugh so I don't forget them. And of course to share my life with my friends & family who I am so terrible at keeping in touch with.

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