Sunday, April 15, 2007

not a lazy sunday

Today Adam & I went snowboarding & skiing respectively. Porter was sooo excited to see all the gear come out. Little did he know he would be spending the day at home torturing the cats. Looking back at our photos of the day, I'm not so sure I wouldn't rather have been in our cozy living room watching HGTV instead of attempting to get myself down a mountain in near-blinding wind & snow. Spring skiing, not always spring-like as evidenced here:

I'm not what you'd call an "expert" (you should see me getting on a chairlift), so skiing in these conditions ~ not really my thing. Adam is a great snowboarder. He says he sucks, but one thing to know about Adam is that he's one of those people that are good at absolutely everything they try. And he looks hot doing it. Me, I have no coordination & even less balance. So I go slow & make lots of turns, and poor Honey has to do a lot of waiting for me. By the end of our first run, my coat was soaked, as was my hat & scarf. Adam said I had little icicles coming off my goggles. Nice.

Today being the last day Eaglecrest is open for the season, they do this crazy thing called the Slush Cup. As Adam & I rode up to the top of the mountain, we watched as fools skied down, hoping to gain enough momentum to make it all the way across A POND. That's right, a pond ~ I'm guessing about 100 feet long. Some actually did make it across, but sadly, most did not. My toes went numb just watching them go in.

For the price of the lift ticket, we should have stayed up there for the whole day, but it was just too damn cold & the fun was wearing off. Best to end on a good note, don't you think? Believe it or not, though, I did have fun. Except for the time I fell & my left shoulder couldn't keep up with the rest of my body. Now, hours later & my body feels like it were tossed around like a rag doll. Can somebody bring me my bed & some Aleve?

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Nancy said...

Mike says, "I didn't know Tracy knew how to ski....." That's a good indication on how long it's been since you have! I'm glad you made it home safe and sound without breaking anything! Didn't realize it was such a blizzard up on the mountain yesterday. mom