Tuesday, May 1, 2007

red tuesday

day 2 of jerusalem's week of color ~

who doesn't love roses? these were from honey a few weeks ago. the rotary clubs sell them every year, and he is sweet enough to buy them for me every year.

i used to have a lot of red in my last apartment. well, i had a red kitchen, anyway. it was very red indeed. red walls even, with a pale yellow wall as an accent. i loved it for a time, but a red kitchen grows old quickly. now all that is left are these remnants: my red toaster, my red kitchen aide, and this little collection of always-used ingredients on a tole tray purchased off e-bay, kept next to the stove.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I love love love red as a kitchen accent, especially in your kitchen. You have the perfect colors! I can hardly wait to see the finished look :)