Wednesday, May 2, 2007

green wednesday

day three ~ green!

my favorite plant ~ started from a plant belonging to my mom, which came from her grandmother. apparently, the grandkids got a plant while the great-grandkids got a quilt. my mother felt jilted for years, and never told me the quilt i loved as a child was actually mine until last year! anyway, the plant refused to grow for months. it just sat there, doing nothing. i swear we didn't do anything differently, but one day it just started to grow & hasn't stopped since.

a really lovely clock i purchased in leavenworth, washington last summer. as much as i love it, it pained me to see it in a catalog for less than half the price. ouch. the candlestick is part of a set that we got as a wedding gift. you can see bits of my favorite plant, and the wall in this photo (you'll see befores & afters eventually, I promise) is painted saybrook sage, and says "cottage" perfectly. even my mom says so.

this last photo, also worthy of a before & after, is of my entertainment center door. it was one of the first projects i did when we moved into the house, and one that i actually finished. except that it still needs shelves built where there used to be drawers. currently, we are using leftover flooring as the shelves. crafty, eh? the knob is from anthropology ~ don't they have the coolest stuff?


Nancy said...

The cupboard knob is so so cute! I love it. And I never kept the quilt because I wasn't going to give it to you! I thought you knew it was yours! Honestly! :)

tracy said...

oh, sure you knew ;)