Thursday, May 3, 2007

pink thursday

today's post is getting out there a little late, but i have my priorities. 2-hour grey's anatomy ~ hello!

i thought i would have a hard time finding pink in my house, and while pink is not a prevelant color scheme in my home, i do loves my pink dishes.

my small collection began with this sweet pitcher & glasses. i didn't take a close-up, but they have a floral design etched in. when i spied them in the display case in a sellwood, oregon antique shop, i knew i had to have them. my grandpa bought me the pitcher and i bought the glasses. if you knew my grandpa, you are aware that this was a monumental ocassion as he was not prone to spending money on a whim. except for my wedding gift, which is an exquisite pitcher with etched stars that belonged to his mother, this was the only gift i remember him buying for me so it's all the more special. unfortunately, i am afraid to use them but i imagine them being used on a summer evening, on a perfectly-cottaged front porch, serving a lovely after-dinner cocktail. can you picture it?
of course, there would be dessert of something cool & fruity, and they would be served in these little beauties. at the moment i can't for the life of me remember where i got them or who may have given them to me. i'm thinking they were from my mom, who i really need to have come over & help me inventory all my family heirlooms. at any rate, i love the detail on them. they don't quite match the pitcher & glasses but that's the best part of a dishware collection. and i cannot have enough dishware, despite what my husband says. these dessert cups get used pretty frequently. they're great for dips, but they really love to house german raspberries, which are just so yummy.
i do know the pink dessert plates were from mom one christmas. she likes to get creative with the holidays, and this particular year us kids each had a theme. mine was entertaining. since adam doesn't eat sweets (just wrong, i know), we generally don't eat a lot of cake or pie or anything requiring a dessert plate. they have, however, become the official plate for birthday cake.
the pink platter was also from mom, picked out special for me from my grandparent's belongings. it is the palest of pale pinks & i love it.

up until a couple weeks ago, my house was still decidedly fallish, requiring a spring-decorating fix pronto. what's a girl to do? lay out as much pink as possible! these are all from mom ~are you sensing a trend here? the hanky in the middle photo was from jerusalem's etsy shop, as well as the spring nest in the background. just promise me that when you check out her shop, you'll leave some goodies for me.

till tomorrow!


Jerusalem said...

Oh I love the pink dishes! Can you belive that I don't have any yet? Not glass anyway!

tracy said...

all you need is one piece & a collection will follow!

Nancy said...

Tracy pegged her grandpa 100 percent correctly. He was not prone to buying or giving and she probably has more with that one pitcher than he ever bought for me! But we do have other good memories of him. And did you notice WHY I don't have any pink to share? I give it all to you! Love you. Mom