Monday, May 21, 2007

my favorite part about spring

The smell. I love the smell of spring. One day the air is normal, and the next it has exploded in sweetness. I love the day that I realize the smell has arrived. It happened last Thursday, when Honey & I were walking Doodles at Construction. Construction is our favorite, if only for its convenience, place to walk Doodles. About a quarter mile from our house is a construction site which will be filled with houses by the end of summer. We let Doodles off-leash & he does what Doodles love to do ~ RUN! Lately we've been loading up his backpack with rocks (one on each sideof the pack) to outline our garden beds. Like I said, rocks are the best free landscaping medium around. Although, at 2 rocks per walk, it's going to take a while.

Honey made it home from his bachelor party in Gustavus, a really really small town a quick plane ride over the mountains, pronounced gus-davis. Not his bachelor party, our friend Colin's. Honey said they tried to talk him out of marrying Topaz, but he wasn't having it. That's a relief, because I already have my dress picked out.

It doesn't sound like the boys got into too much trouble, and they were not told to never return to Gustavus. Besides drinking lots of whiskey, they played golf, whiffle ball & croquet. What wild men! Oh, and Colin had to wear a red velvet dress, previously worn by our friend Bud at his bachelor party/camping weekend. Honey is so lucky we were already married before the dress made an appearance. Not that he doesn't have the figure for a floor length dress.

My garden has entered into stage 2, thanks largely to mom. She took me plant shopping on Sunday, and when she told me that my garden "needed" them, how could I possibly argue? I had originally tried to spread out the plants I had purchased from Fred Meyer, mostly annuals, but decided I ought to focus on making each flower bed beautiful instead of making each bed look frightfully skimpy. Mom helped me pick out some perennials, which I finally remember are the ones that come back each year. P is for Permanent!
I also got some ground-cover to fill in the bare spots, and if I could remember what they were called, I'd tell you now.

I knew I wanted a hydrangea before I had even seen what the flowers looked like, and I can't say as I've ever even smelled one. I just love the word Hydrangea. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? So, now I have a lovely hydrangea, and it will be planted at the corner of the deck, at mom's suggestion. Porter, as always, is right there helping.

My lilac tree, another something I've wanted for ages, will be planted at the other edge of the deck. I thought about planting it on the other side of the yard, to give added privacy from the crazy neighbors to our left, but it will be way too long before it's tall enough & by that time, we may very well have new neighbors that we like. So, in front of the kitchen window it goes. It will get good light, won't cause shade where I don't want it, and if I'm patient enough, will give me a lovely view from the kitchen. When I'm yelling at Porter to stop digging.

Can you see my vision?

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Nancy said...

Yes, I can see it! It's going to look so cute when things start growing and blooming. And friends are always good about sharing plants from their gardens and there's plant sales every spring to help you along. But compost! That's a key ingredient to having a fantastic garden. mom