Thursday, November 29, 2007

8 random things about me

My mom tagged me to write 8 random things about me so here goes!

1. I like to put chips in my sandwiches. Not sure when it first seemed like a good idea, but it's something I never really outgrew. The weirdest thing I used to eat as a kid? Boloney & sugar. How gross is that?!

2. I must have the shower curtain closed, as well as all drawers & the hall closet doors. I know this isn't really so odd, except that when you have a husband who is constantly leaving drawers open, it's an ongoing battle. What bugs me the most is the shower curtain, though. If I don't close it right away, I can feel that open space just staring at me.

3. Except for driving through Canada on two seperate road trips to the lower 48, I've never left the country. No Mexico for spring break, no romantic trips to Europe with Honey. Someday.....
Oh wait! I just remembered! We went to Nassau in the Bahamas for our honeymoon! I didn't need a passport ~ does that technically count?

4. I love, love, love Audrey Hepburn. I can still remember the first time I watched Breakfast at Tiffanys, and how much in awe I was of her beauty & grace. I think that she was a kind person in real life solidifed how much I adored her. I think I've seen most everything she's been in, but Breakfast will always remain my favorite. Honey bought me "How to be Lovely" last year for Christmas; we could all learn a thing or two from Miss Hepburn.

5. I am very competetive, but hate sports. Bucky teases me about how pissed off I get when he plays dirty at Uno. I know, I know, you're supposed to play all those nasty Reverse & Draw 4 cards, but I can't help taking it personally!

6. I am both a planner & a procrastinator. How is that possible, you ask? I make lists. Lots & lots of lists, and I plan ahead for things that I know have deadlines. And yet, I'm still always waiting until the last minute to finish them. Even in college, I was forever writing my papers up the last possible moment. There's just always so much to do and never enough time, you know?

7. I'm not quite as picky about how things go into the grocery cart (although I do start at the back & work forward for obvious reasons) but I HAVE to place my items on the conveyor belt according to type. Fruit & vegetables, frozen, cold-case, canned or boxed, meats, personal hygiene, miscellaneous. My reason for this is that the baggers generally don't know how to bag my groceries properly. They'll toss canned green beans right on top of my caged-free eggs! Or ground beef on top of apples! So, I try to help them out & make it fool-proof. It helps my anxiety by not feeling the need to correct them. It's really a good system! Even better? Honey has now adopted my system and will also group our groceries on the conveyer belt. I am a proud wife.

8. I hope that our baby gets Adam's sense of balance & coordination. Physically, he's good at everything, and I am, arguably, the most uncoordinated person on the planet. I've never been comfortable in my own body, and I will never be one of those willowy women who saunter down the sidewalk while men look on. Actually, you can generally see me staring at the sidewalk so as to not trip on a crack or step in dog-poo. Classy, huh?

So that's it. Eight things you didn't know about me.

Adam & I are heading north to Anchorage this weekend for my office's holiday party. The company pays for airfare & one night at the hotel, so we just have to pay for the second night & we get ourselves a mini vacation! I've not been to Anchorage in years, and Adam's never been. I believe our hotel is right downtown, so we'll be able to walk to restaurants & shopping. Or maybe we'll be taking taxis: I checked the weather forecast this morning and the high temp is forecasted to be around 26 degrees with lows in the teens. Brrrrr.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving :)


jeanetta said...

ooo audrey. how could anyone not love audrey. i need to get that book.
and talk about uncoordinated... well i used to dance and i seem to be ok if i am dancing. but my husband is always nervous if we are walking out late and it starts to get dark. in the course of our relationship i have tripped over a 2 inch ledge coming out of the subway in japan..sprawled on the sidewalk, twisted both ankles at a concert in college by stepping in holes, then a week later falling downt he steps at the met art museum in new york.
i think it s because we are so tall. :)

jeanetta said...

ooo and i forgot walking in to the parking pillons that keep cars off of areas in front of the alamo. hmm seems like i am knocking off all these touristy areas.

Nancy said...

I lay my grocery items out on the conveyor belt according to how I want them to go into the bag, too. But do they do it that way? No! It's so frustrating. And, I must have potato chips in my sandwich too. But only my bologne sandwich. And there's hope that Adam will close cupboard doors.... After 14 years of marriage Mike finally does! At least he's getting better.... Great list!

Julie said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed my visit!

Tanya said...

Ruffle potato chips are a must in tuna sandwiches (on white bread, of course!)
I too organize my groceries on the conveyor belt.
I am proud to say that 1/3 of your out of country experiences were with me (!)
You have to close the shower curtain/closet doors-otherwise the bogeyman will come get you at night (too much Stephen King at too young of an age permanently warped me!)

Carrie said...

I feel terrible that I'm not in Anchorage right now. Let's see:

1. cab to moose's tooth pizzeria -- yum! the most successful independent pizza place in the nation

2. we just got a coach store in the 5th ave mall -- being that this is alaska, everyone I know is VERY excited

3. ginger is a very good downtown restaurant -- Paul knows one of the owners -- have the crab hotcakes

4. finally, re: the captain cook: love, love the foie gras at the crow's nest (but it's an acquired taste) and the lasagna at fletcher's makes my mouth water (it's also a bit unusual)

Hope you check this while you're up there. As for the weather, it's great compared to what it could be. It's a dry cold :)


carrie said...

Shoot -- I forgot...skinny raven and her tern are right near your hotel (clothing and accessories)...trace elements is a home decor place (some french stuff you would dig, but pricey) across the street from the mothership, nordstrom.

Retroboutiques said...

1,2,3,6,7, were writing about me....they all apply!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That was fun, I also put chips in my sandwiches and must have every door shut and curtains properly hung. Chairs must be pushed in and straight. I am a planner and a procrastinator too. And of course I love Audrey.