Tuesday, November 6, 2007

doodles will eat anything

So in the spirit of getting back to blogging, which really is quite therapeutic for me, I'm going to try to post a little something everyday ~ even if it's just a photo. Or at the very least, I will try not post once a month :) My apologies in advance for those of you who don't think Doodles is as adorable as I do. Honey says it's the ears, but I think it's all in the eyes.

We have learned that Doodles will eat just about anything. Once he was begging for my mexican food, so I gave him a taste of salsa. He didn't care for it, but it also didn't teach him to not beg. Earlier in my pregnancy, I was having lemon cravings; couldn't get enough of lemons. One night, I even spent a ridiculous amount of money on fresh lemons to make lemonade. Lemonade that I had to hand-squeeze because I don't own a juicer but I HAD to have fresh squeezed lemonade. FYI, Doodles doesn't care for lemons, but man, was the look on his face priceless!
He does love fruit, though. Apples, which you can see him eating here, nectarines, peaches, satsuma oranges. We never ever feed him from the dinner table because that will only make the begging worse. It's bad enough that he rests his cute little head on the table & watches as we eat, his eyebrows raised & his sad eyes moving back & forth between Honey & I.
I gave him a Sweetart from leftover Halloween candy, and he loved that. Oh, and he used to eat his own poo when he was a puppy, but thank goodness he outgrew that. And he used to eat "almond roca" from the kitty litter, also when he was a tiny puppy. Magically, after we had him neutered, the poo-eating behavior stopped. Has anyone else experienced that?
Since I started my new job, the only thing I really miss about my old job is that I can't take Doodles to work with me. There is a dog in the office next door and he sometimes wanders in, which makes me happy but also makes me miss Doodles a little more. Instead, he gets to have fun at my mom & Mike's, aka Doggie Day Care, where he gets to play all day with their dog Sadie & my brother's dog Kona, who also goes to Doggie Day Care. I'm sure Doodles would be just fine if we left him home during the day, but he'd be bored out of his mind. As long as he behaves himself at my mom's & learns to not jump & down on their couch (I don't know where this behavior comes from!), I hope mom & Mike will continue to let him come over to play.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Our 13 year old dog Winston love carrots. If you are crunching one anywhere in the house, he will come flying!
Yesterday he surprised us by being fully engaged with the idea of having squash. I have no idea why he was so interested in it as it makes no sound when you eat it, but his eyes were glued to the squash.
Dogs, you just have to wonder what they are thinking!

Nancy said...

Remember when kitty ate a plate of spaghetti? Too weird. I heard at the vet that dogs absolutely should not have grapes. Mr. Porter is doing fine at Doggy Day Care. He's up to a B- in behavior :)