Sunday, November 11, 2007

what's grosser than gross? this story. do not read if you're squeamish.

Saturday afternoon Adam took Porter on a walk before we went to dinner at my brother & Michelle's house. (This is not a cute story, so today he's "Porter", not "Doodles") When he got back home, he told me all about how Porter had found, and subsequently ate a dead bird. Since it was already dark out, Adam had no idea what he was in for when he tried to fish out of Porter's mouth whatever it was that Porter was eating. Even though he realized there were feathers dangling from Porter's mouth, he furthered tried to retrieve the dead bird from his jaws, because "he had already touched it at that point". EWWWWW! He finally gave up and Porter gulped it down.

But wait, it gets grosser than that.

Later, at Bucky & Michelle's house, Porter started to make pre-vomiting noises, and if any of you have pets, you know exactly what that sound is. Unfortunately, I had forgotten all about the dead-bird incident, so after Porter vomited, and I very foolishly looked over to see how bad it was, I saw a lump of brownish-black muck. Yes, Porter had vomited up his dead bird.

Michelle went running out of the room, I wasn't about to help Honey clean up that mess, and I think even Bucky had to leave the room, too. Now, I'm not overly squeamish, but I cannot deal with a dead bird and then the dead bird's return.

This morning, after I had forgotten all about the disgusting incident, Adam brought it up out of the blue. He shook his head in dismay and said ~ I can't believe you all are about to have children. Like he's not. Bucky & Michelle, by the way are due November 26th. I had to remind Honey that there is a difference between poopy diapers & baby spit-up and dead birds, and cleaning up dead bird vomit is where I draw the line.

I told you Porter would eat anything.