Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh, let's see....what's been going on.....

Friday night Honey & I attended a banquet & auction for S.A.I.L., a non-profit providing assistance for people with disabilities. I used to work for them & still volunteer for occasionally at their fundraising events. Anyway, I had a couple dresses that were a little too big that I thought I would have no trouble fitting into. HA! Shocking that I was surprised that an extra 15 pounds makes that big of a difference, isn't it? Ummm, yeah....

So I squeezed into the lesser of the tighter two dresses, and with my favorite black sweater from Anthropologie, it didn't look too bad. Plus, have I mentioned (this week) that I have cleavage now?

We arrived at the banquet, were shown to our table, sat & visited with some friends for a minute, and since we arrived 30 minutes late, we got there just in time for dinner being served. Being pregnant & starving, I waited only an obligatory minute or so before we made our way to the fast-forming buffet line. And here's where I experienced another pregnancy-first: when I stood up, my tights rolled down my belly like a little old lady with knee-high stockings rolled down at the top, you know?

I'm sure there will be many more pregnancy-firsts, but this one took me by surprise.

And here's your token cute-pet photo. Adam fell asleep on the couch Sunday night with the cats. That would be Riley-cat on Adam's belly, and the fat, black blob on the cushion is Mendy. Porter couldn't leave them be & had to come for some kitty-lovin'. He was actually being quite gentle with Riley. He so wants to play with the cats but hasn't figured out that he's too big & obnoxious for that to happen. They just look at him like, DUDE, what are you thinking?? We're small!!

I've been crafting a bit, but not nearly as much as I'd like. There's never enough time in the day, is there? This notebook was a custom order for my mom, and I just love the retro holiday paper. I wish I had bought more than 4 sheets of it. I think this is one of my favorite creations; there's nothing about it that I don't like. Usually I can pick apart my designs & find a flaw or two, but not with this one! I love that I finally used the tiny holly leaf buttons that I've had for a few years now. I'm trying really hard to be good & not buy loads of crafting supplies until I start using up what I have, but with so many cute things out there, it's not always easy! Please tell me I'm not alone in rationalizing not-necessary craft purchases.
Lastly, I've got a question for all the mamas out there. Next week, Honey & I have our next OB appointment. It's the one where they'd do the genetic testing, if we were inclined to do so. My feelings are to pass on the testing, that I have enough to worry about as it is without worrying about false-positives. I'd much prefer to go on believing my baby is perfectly healthy. Honey wants to do the testing because he used to work with disabled youths, and if our baby has anything wrong (I hate to even use that word) with it, he wants to know so we can be prepared. My mom has a cousin who has an autistic son, and that's the closest relative I have with any form of disabilities, mental or physically. Our doctor said that's far enough away from me that we don't really have anything to worry about. She said they also test for spina bifida, but I've been taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid since before I got pregnant, and I know that's supposed to be a big factor in preventing that.
So, I'm curious what your thoughts are. Did you have the testing done? Did any of you have false positives? Did you & your spouses disagree on whether or not to do the testing? Adam said if I don't want to have it done, we won't have it done, but I'm still considering it for his sake. I just really don't want to spend the next 6 months worrying about something else, you know?


Jerusalem said...

Ah the tights rolling down... sadly that has not been a strictly PG experiance only for me... sigh.
Your notebook for your mom is SUPER cute. Let me know if you want me to send you more of that paper - we have it here!
And about the testing... Usually even if they can tell something is wrong, at this stage I don't think they can always tell 100% what it is. Just that it may be this or that. We didn't have it done, and I wouldn't recomend it. The people who have had it done and who have had false positives where really freaked and stressed out by it, so I would say don't do it if you can get honey on board!

Love ya!

Nancy said...

Sweetie, don't have the test.... Nothing good could come of it. Even if there was something wrong, there isn't anything you could do about it but worry. And that's not healthy for the baby either. When that baby is born, you're going to love it so much, even if it has 15 toes! :) (That's a joke... not something to worry about....!) Adam needs to let go on this one. No good can come of it.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

I wouldn't do the test. Too many false positives. And who needs more to worry about!?

I would just enjoy the experience as much as possible and not let the worries or what ifs even creep into your thoughts. None of them are likely to happen anyways.

Have a great week,