Monday, November 19, 2007

sometimes, I'm just that stupid

A few months back, my bathtub drain was clogged. The problem was quickly resolved with a bottle of Drano. Within that same week, we gave Porter a bath, which is an entirely different, and much more amusing story, and my bathtub drain became clogged once again. Ever since, I have been calf-deep in bath water everytime I take a shower. Forget about taking a long, leisurely shower on the weekends, because my bathtub would have overflowed. I have spent close to $50 on various drain-unclogging products, all to no avail.

This weekend, Honey went into the crawl-space to take apart the pipes and remove the source of the problem. I just hoped he wasn't going to show me whatever he found. He came back from under the house only to announce that the plastic pvc piping was glued tight. Having to hire a plumber simply to unclog a drain was so not on my list of things to do. My anxiety level was already running high because I had finally gotten the last of the body work done on my car from my accident last spring and my car was still making noises it ought not be making. These are things that Tracy-on-Zoloft could handle. Tracy without Zoloft, not so much. I don't do well with things like this ~ multiple things happening at once, things that are out of my control although easily solved with a simple phonecall to a professional. They just seem so out of my reach, you know? I'd rather curl up in my chair and not attempt to find a solution.

Honey, on the other hand, in a uncharacteristic moment (he usually gives up, too), took the one wire hangar I had; one from the dry cleaners with the felt covering it to protect our fine garments, and shoved it down the bathtub drain to loosen the massive hair glob. Except that he couldn't. The hanger would only go so far before it stopped against something metallic. It was at this point that he called me into the bathroom.

Honey, have you tried putting the drain stopper down?

Of course, I'm thinking, no, I did not try putting the drain stopper down. I was so stunned at my stupidity, however, I literally couldn't say anything. I could have been stubborn, I could have been indignant & said I never put the drain stopper up, because I hadn't. Instead, I just stood there & grinned like an idiot. And was thankful as hell we hadn't gone through the humiliation of calling a plumber.

More importantly, I love that Honey can still surprise me. Yes, it was a simple fix, but like I said, he normally would have given up, too. It's like now that I'm unable to deal with certain things, he has realized that we have to have at least one person our household that can cope, and for that I'm very appreciative.


jeanetta said...

lol. its ok you just have baby brain.

Nancy said...

That's too funny! But I've done the same thing in hotel rooms where I didn't realize I had pushed the stopper down. Yea for Adam!

Nancy said...

P.S. I've tagged you to share 8 random things about yourself :)

melissa @ the inspired room said...

LOL, our shower is so clogged I take a bath at the same time I shower! Got to get to that one, but I won't try any Draino. I think a coat hanger might do the trick.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Patriot said...

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday!

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